Hard to describe the black sheep:

I would like to tell you that I found a camera from my grandpa when I was 8 and I started to play with it. Unfortunately, this is not such an idyllic story. It's more about chaos, being lost in life, and find a way to escape.

"In photography you find your style when you can't do it otherwise". I like to do what is not allowed. I like to create something that make you think, that generates questions. The people I shoot must find themselves through the image, that's the reason why I'm here. I just do what I like to keep enjoying it.

I'm that old man who is always telling stories. I'm happy every time I feel myself in a unique point of view: the active espectator. Connect with the subject, live the moment, dive in, fail, enjoy the fail, and finally bring an image capable of creating an emotion.

Is that possible? I'm Chuchón and I'm photographer.
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