Welcome to La Ventana Azul, a beachfront surf hostel in the neighborhood of Guanarteme (Las Palmas de Gran Canaria). Through this photos I'm going to show you how is the life here and why people love it!
This is the rooftop terrace and kitchen, probably the favorite place of our people. Nothing better than breakfast and coffee watching the waves to start the day.
Some people also plan trips together or get ready for a surf session.
Music is allowed the whole day as long as you play it yourself.
Massages also allowed but the risk to start a chain-massage is always high.
But usually the morning are quiet and a lot of people is working at computer, drawing, reading... etc.
When it's on, there is not time for hesitate, just suit up and jump in!
La Cícer is right in front with some peaks, a beach accessible for everyone and usually full of beginners. To have a photo surfing with the amazing Auditorio Alfredo Kraus in the background is sometimes even easy.
But behind the Auditorio you can find the famous spot El Lloret, one of the best rights of Europe, mostly embraced by locals.
But if you feel exhausted, the neighborhood is full of restaurants and snack-bars to gain some power. The place is safe and everything is really close. 
This is how the beach life goes. "Spain is different", and the sun goes down.
But don't forget where you are at. This is Guanarteme and there are so many things to do! There is a slackline group on Thursdays, a climb wall club, surfskating behind the Concert Hall, basketball games everyday and even a WaveRamp inside a Gym, which is just 5 minutes walking from the beach.

There is also a mini ramp by a side if you want to make some tricks with regular skateboard. 
Didn't told you before, but the city has a really nice atmosphere, quite but with a lot of people around. 
Make a reservation in a restaurant for dinner, but if I can suggest you, ask for take away, because the vibe in the rooftop of La Ventana Azul changes a bit at night. There is a guitar everyone knows how to play and the rest is... just scroll down.

La Ventana Azul
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