It happened like many other adventures: completely by casuality. And there I was, on my first glamping experience, with my own tent, in the middle of nowhere, helping another group of people to show what they do, what they provide, and what they enjoy doing.
My pressence at Sea Natives was not going to be for long, so we started to work hard from the most challenging part for them: the tents. Different sizes for different uses. Solo travelers, pets, groups, couples with baby... etc. 
Using some music and dialogs was essential to create a nice atmosphere.
It was also key to mix workers with guests, at the end there are no lines in between.
In the meanwhile, I'm able to make photos of whatever I feel, general vibes of the camp during the last week of the season. It's not super busy, but I can see this place is focused on families who want to spend quality time together. 
The skate is present everywhere everywhen.

The mini-ramp attracts the best movements...

...but the road is more friendly for beginners.
Capturing the lifestyle is one of my favorite things in photography.
To me, trying to be sneaky makes non-sense. I'm present in the scene and people know it. The key is to live what they live, to feel what they feel, and making an exercise of empathy to connect with them. 
The camp is located inside of a big camping in Portugal. The life there is pure peace, and some neighbours live there all year around.

At night there were different activities. Cinema for kids was an amazing option, Surf's Up is a classic, and at the same time the parents can spend some time at bonfire by themselves.

This place was good at that task: good time together, but also enough time to be each on their own.
But I have to admit that the night music live show at the mini ramp by the end of the week was kind of special.
Everyone was coming to the scenario to sing a bit, the family vibes were completely notorious and was hard not to fall in love with it for a while.
Sea Natives Surf Camp
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